1. 21st Asia Masters Athletics Championships 2019
    Date: 2nd - 6th December 2019
    Venue: Kuching Sarawak City, Malaysia
    1. amackuching2019 website
  2. 2. Torch Run Meeting
    3. Criteria for Malaysian Master Athletes


    Date: 13th - 14th October 2018
    1. Competitors list Women
    2. Competitors list Men
    3. 32nd Miomac Official Results
    4. 32nd Miomac Official Report

    Date: 11th August 2018
    Jadual Program : Wanita Dalam Sukan
    Gambar : Gambar Program Wanita Dalam Sukan

  3. 21st AMAC Technical Committee meeting
    Date: 24th March 2018
    Venue: Boardroom, OCM, KL
    22 Technical committee members attended the meeting. Meeting was officially declared open by the Assistant Minister of Youth and Sports Sarawak, YB Datuk Snowdan Lawan. Mr. S. Sivapragasam, President MMAA chaired the meeting . He and Ms R. Kalaivalli, Technical Advisor of MMAA briefed the committee on the duties and responsibilities and the 2 year action plan

  4. 21st AMAC MoU Signing Ceremony
    Date: 7th March 2018,
    Venue: Amora Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand,
    Pictures : Click for pictures here
    The MoU was signed between Asia Masters Athletics (AMA), Malaysian masters Athletic Association (MMAA) and the Sarawak Government.
    MOU Signed By:
    Mr. Viwat Vigrantanoros (AMA President)
    YBhg Datuk Seri (Dr) V. Pulainthiran ( MMAA Patron)
    YB Datuk Snowdan Lawan ( Asst. minister of Youth & Sports Sarawak)
    MOU Witnessed By:
    Mr. S. Sivapragasam (AMA Secretary)
    Mr. Selamat bin Sarif (MMAA Deputy President)
    Mr. Gordon (Sarawak Government)

  5. Malaysian Athletics Olympian and Ex International Star Night – Press Conference
    Date:: 28th February 2018,
    Venue:: OCM Building, KL,
    Pictures : Click for pictures here
    Former great athletes like Annie Choong, Rajkumar Batumalai, V. Subramaniam, Dato’ M. Rajamani, Datuk Paduka Mumtaz Jaffar, Kenny Martin, Shamimi Selvarani, Anita Ali, Datin Mona Chin, Shanmuganathan and many other attended the function

  6. 21st AMAC Launching
    Date:: 29th January 2018,
    Venue: Kuching, Sarawak
    Pictures : Click for pictures here
    Launched by: YB Datuk Haji Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah Menteri Pelancongan, Kesenian
    YBhg Datuk Seri (Dr) V. Pulainthiran ( MMAA Patron), represented MMAA.

  7. Malaysian Masters Athletic Association AGM, 2018
    Date : 28th January 2018
    Vanue : Kings Hotel, Malacca
    Pictures : Click for pictures here
    MMAA life members were honoured for their contribution for the association. New Council Members were elected for the next 3 years 2018 – 2020

    Date : 24th December 2017
    Designation : Hon Secretary MMAA
    More.. : Click here full info
    I on behalf of Malaysian Masters Athletic Association (MMAA) would like to wish MERRY CHRISTMAS and a very HAPPY and PROSEPEROUS NEW YEAR to all Malaysian master athletes


  1. AMA Patron appointed as AMA Hon. President
    Congratulations : Conratulations Dato Seri Dr V.Pulainthiran
    More Details : Dato Seri Dr V.Pulainthiran Appointed as AMA Hon.President

  2. Malaysian Contingent to 20th AMAC in China
    Date:23rd - 28th September 2017, Venue: Rugao City, China
    More Details : 31st Flag handing over ceremony by MMAA Patron Dato Seri Dr V. Pulainthiran
    Congratulations : Congratulations to Master Athletes of 20st AMAC
    Medal Winners : Medal Winners List
    Congratulations : Congratulation Letter From MMAA

  3. Participation in the 31st Malaysian International Open Masters Athletics Championship
    Date: 22 – 23th July 2017, Venue: Kuching Malaysia,
    More Details : 31st Malaysian International Open Masters Athletics Championship
    Official Results : 31st Malaysian International Open Masters Official Results


  1. Participation in the 19th Asia Masters Athletics Championships
    Date: 4 – 8th May 2016, Venue: Singapore, Participants: 124 Athletes and Officials
    Results: 53 Medals
    1. 3 Championships Records (Juliana Gumpil & Alfred Lajawa)
    2. 14 Gold Medals
    3. 12Silver Medals
    4. 18 Bronze Medals
  2. AMA Day Launching & Celebration
    Date: 30th July 2016, Venue: IPG KBM, Lembah Pantai, Participants: 250 Master Athletes
    Guest of Honour: Mr.Viwat Vigrantanoros, AMA President AMA Council Members
    Activities: Morning Exercise,Yoga Session, Open Road Relay, Technique Ball Demonstration, Talk on AMA, Award Presentation
  3. World Masters Athletics Championships
    Date: 26th Oct – 6th November 2016, Venue: Perth, Australia, Participants: 40 Master Athletes & Officials
    Team Manager: Sgt G.P. Balan
    Best Result:
    1. Juliana Gumpil(w50+) – New Asia Masters Record in 100m
    2. asp Zainal Ariffin (m50+) – 4th in Javelin
    3. Tay Yu Eng (w60+) – 4th in Javelin
    4. Aliudin Jumaat (m60+) – 4th in Decathlon
  4. 30th Malaysian International Open Masters Athletics Championships
    Date: 26 – 27th November 2016, Venue: Stadium University, Universiti Malaya, Participants: 600 Master Athletes from 12 Countries
    Guest of Honour YB Datuk M. Saaravanan, Deputy Minister of KBSM
  5. 30th Malaysian International Open Masters Athletic Championship Official Results


  1. AMA Masters Athletics Technical Course
    Date: 5th March 2015, Venue: Surat Thani, Thailand, Participants: 8 MMAA Officials Attended
    Speakers: Mr. S. Sivapragasam, Miss R. Kalaivalli
  2. AMA Women Sports Carnival
    Date: 12th June 2015, Venue: Bukit Jalil Sports Complex, Kuala Lumpur, Participants: 250 women athletes from 8 countries
  3. 29th Malaysian International Open Masters Athletics Championships
    Date: 13 – 14th June 2015, Venue: Bukit Jalil Sports Complex, Kuala Lumpur, Participants: 520 women athletes from 8 countries
  4. Women Athletic Training Workshop
    Date:24th November 2015, Venue: IPG KBM, Kuala Lumpur, Participants: 80 Women Master Athletes
  5. World Masters Athletics Championships
    Date:4 – 13th August 2015, Venue: Lyon, France, Participants: 2 Master Athletes (Thomas Kok - 4th in 10km Walk)


  1. WMA Technical Course
    Date:15 & 16th February 2014, Venue: Hotel Sri Malaysia, Seremban, Participants: 40 from MMAA & State Associations,
    Speakers: Mr. S. Sivapragasam, Miss R. Kalaivalli
  2. 7 th Women Sports Carnival
    Date:5th April 2014, Venue: IPG KRM, Negeri Sembilan, Participants: 440 Women Athletes,
    Activities: Aerobic Exercise, Talk on Women Diseases, Fancy Dress Netball Competition, Incentives Presentation
  3. 28th Malaysian International Open Masters Athletics Championships
    Date:31st May – 1st June 2014, Venue: Stadium Darul Makmur, Kuantan, Participants: 465 Master Athletes From 7 Countries
  4. Larian Merdeka (Independence Run)
    Date:23rd August 2014, Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Participants: 385 Primary School Students
  5. 18th Asia Masters Athletics Championship
  6. Malaysian Officials Elected into the AMA Council for the Next 4 Years
    Date: 21st september 2014, Venue: Kitakami, Japan,
    Malaysian Delegate: Miss R. Kalaivalli
  7. Asia Masters Athletics (AMA) General Assembly
    Representatives: Mr. S. Sivapragasam – as AMA General Secretary, Miss R. Kalaivalli - as AMA Women Representative
    WMA: Mr. S. Sivapragasam appointed as AMA Delegate to World Masters Athletics (WMA)
  8. MMAA 30th Anniversary Celebration Dinner
    Date:1st November 2014, venue:Hotel Angsana, Kuala Lumpur, Participants: 200


  1. Sukan Wanita ke 6
  2. 27th Malaysian International Open Masters Athletics Championships
    Date:08 & 09th June 2013, Venue: Stadium PErak Ipoh, Participants: 420 Master Athletes From 5 Countries
  3. Malaysian Indian Olympian Night


  1. Sukan Wanita ke 5
  2. 26th Malaysian Open Masters Athletics Championships
    Date:2 & 3rd June 2012, Venue: Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur, Participants: 420 Athletes From 5 Countries
  3. Participation in the 17th Asia Masters Athletics Championships
    Date:2 – 7th November 2012, Venue: Taiwan, Chinese Taipei, Participants: 92 Athletes and Officials, Results: Won 30 Medals


  1. 4th Women Sports Carnival
    Date: 1st May 2011, Time: 9.00 AM – 1.00 PM, Venue: Lovely Nursing Home , Petaling Jaya, Activities: Song, Dance and Exercise Activities
  2. Visit To Lovely Nursing Home
    Date: 5TH MARCH 2011, Venue: IPG KBA, LEMBAH PANTAI, Participants: 500 Women Athletes
    Activities: Aerobic Exercise,Talk on Women Disease, Fancy Dress Netball Competition, Incentives Presentation, 5 K Road Race
  3. 25th Malaysian Open Masters Athletics Championship
    Date: 1 & 2nd October 2011, Venue: Darul Aman Stadium Kedah, Participants: 420 Master Athletes From 5 Countries


  1. Kejohanan Olahraga Master Asia Yang Ke-16
  2. AMAC Executive Council Meeting Bukit Jalil 13th March 2010
  3. 5th Merdeka Run August 2010
  4. 24thMalaysian Open Masters Championships
    Date: 19 – 20 June 2010, Venue: Bukit Jalil, Participants: 450 Master Athletics From 9 Countries


  1. Biddng for 16 thAsia Masters Athletics Championship in Chiang Mai, January 2009